Franchise Central

Franchise Central is changing the way small businesses access finance

At Franchise Central, we understand that you have to act fast to stay ahead in business and have made it easier for YOU to access finance by providing FAST, SIMPLE and FLEXIBLE LOANS between $5,000 and $500,000 for any franchise or business purpose - it's YOUR CHOICE!

Franchise Central offer secured and unsecured loans to intending and existing Franchisees, Franchisors, and Business Owners.

Are you looking for finance to help in the setup, management and/or expansion of a new or existing franchise/business?

Franchise Central can help you move forward whether you want to...
  • Buy a franchise/business
  • Franchise your business
  • Open a new or additional site/store
  • Purchase new and/or additional stock
  • Renovate and/or update your business fitout
  • Purchase additional/new plant and equipment
  • Employ and/or train more staff
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Increase your working capital
  • Start new contracts or jobs
  • Operational expenses
  • Settle an unforeseen contingency
  • Get FINANCE for ANY other PURPOSE
It's YOUR CHOICE!  Franchise Central makes it easy to apply with...
  • No application fees
  • No collateral required
  • Payments based on cashflow
  • Funds within 3-4 days*
Recent scenarios where Franchise Central was able to provide the best solution...

Scenario 1
Existing Franchisee needed to increase his stock levels as well as open an additional franchised store to take advantage of the build up in sales leading up to and into Christmas and New Year.
Franchise Central were able to help by facilitating a $100K UNSECURED BUSINESS LOAN providing the existing franchised business with IMMEDIATE UNSECURED CASH FINANCE in less than 3 days.

Scenario 2
A retail business had the opportunity to buy stock at a deep discount if they could pay for the stock immediately.  They could not wait for a traditional lender.
Franchise Central was able to help by facilitating a SECURED BUSINESS LOAN of $100,000 using a caveat.  The property asset was valued at $1.5 million and there was a first mortgage of $750,000.  The LVR was 57%.  The rate was 1.25% and the term was 3 months.  The loan was repaid in regular fortnightly instalments as the stock was sold.

Scenario 3
An accountant wanted to buy out his partner who was retiring from the firm and needed $250,000.  The property used to secure the loan was valued at $1.5 million and the first mortgage was $750,000.
Franchise Central was able to help by facilitating a SECURED BUSINESS LOAN of $250,000.  The LVR was 67%, the rate offered was 1.5% and the term was 12 months.  The accountant bought out his partner and later added a new partner who had to buy into the practice.  The loan was repaid after 8 months and the lender was able to discount the remaining interest by 50%.

So why use Franchise Central for your next loan?
  • 24 hour approval*
  • Use for any franchise/business purpose
  • Funds within 3-4 days*
  • No security required
  • No application fees
  • Cash-flow friendly
  • Minimal documentation
  • Easy renewal, ongoing access to funds
*Subject to credit approval and minimum criteria.  Terms & conditions apply, contact us for details.

Find out how Franchise Central can help you with fast, simple & flexible loans between $5,000 and $500,000 for any franchise or business purpose - It's YOUR CHOICE!