• Investment Level
    $25,001 - $50,000
  • Capital Required
  • Industry
    Real Estate and Property, Broker Agency, Home Based Business Opportunities, Home Services, Marketing, Mobile Services

Become A Real Estate Agent

Put the homeowner back in control of their property and make them more money.


  1. A real estate transaction doesn’t require an agent.
  2. Anyone can sell their house.
  3. We connect buyers and sellers.
  4. A team of experts is better than a 'jack of all trades'.
  5. Home owners do make more money with us.

The Perfect Fit -

PropertyGuys wants a new breed of real estate professionals. We call them the Perfect Fit. You love the real estate industry, are connected intimately with your local community and have a passion for changing the way Australians sell their property.

You don’t have to know anything about selling real estate. The PropertyGuys system has been perfected over nearly two decades. We provide the training, coaching and mentoring along with our automated processes and systems for you and the homeowner to make things easy.

We just need you to bring your love of innovation and disruption, your passion for success and the confidence to take on an exciting new challenge. We’ll provide the rest.

We will change real estate in Australia forever -

Established in Canada in 1998 and moving to a full franchise system in 2001, PropertyGuys has spent the last 18 years perfecting a new real estate system that put the control back into the hands of the consumer and allows them to make more money.

The Australian real estate market has not changed for decades. Cheesy real estate agents, offering inflated sales price expectations, promising lists and lists of potential buyers and allowing little to no interaction from the home owner, has meant the most important person in the transaction feels like they have lost control of their own home and see less and less value for the huge amount of money they pay.

PropertyGuys was formulated with some simple goals in mind. Change real estate, put the homeowner back in control of their property, and make them more money.

We have partners not employees -

Franchisees are partners in our business, not employees!

Our ‘Perfect Fit’ Limited Offer – We are looking for 5 Great Partners

The first 5 Franchisees who sign up this year will benefit from the the following offer:

  • 1% share in Property Guys Sales Business in Australia
  • 5% discount on the Franchise Fee
  • International Conference – Free tickets and attendance at the annual international conference in Mexico in January 2018
  • Right Of First Refusal – on an additional Property Guys Franchise Zone

Your business will be a success.

PropertyGuys is not just a real estate sales business. We are an ‘All Things Real Estate’ business. Your primary income will come from the Listing Fee on each property. That’s right, you get paid on listing not on settlement, meaning you get paid sooner.

PLUS ‘All Things Real Estate’ means exactly that. Our dedicated online and over the phone sales team also sell mortgage, insurance, utilities and many other services for you. You focus on listings and still derive income from the sale of these additional services.

While you focus on being with your community, you have a team of people assisting you prospect for new customers, managing the campaign period, ensuring all the services are delivered on time and that many other products and services are sold for your franchise.

Other than the many benefits of owning and operating a proven franchise system, you also get:

  • Five days of professional training at PropertyGuys University,
  • 16 weeks of intensive mentoring from one of our Canadian Mentors,
  • Access to any of our Canadian Zeeniuses for one-to-one support on any part of the system,
  • Intensive support from PropertyGuys Australia’s team – including the CEO,
  • Access to our community of professionals for one-to-one guidance on any of our services,
  • Annual Australian National Conference,
  • PropertyGuys Annual International Conference (usually in Mexico),
  • Your own business,
  • Your own hours,
  • Your own community,
  • No hefty office costs,
  • No hefty staff costs,
  • You, your phone, your car and your PropertyGuys Back Office Central team!

Lets Go!

If you feel you are the Perfect Fit, then complete the details to the right and we will call you within 24 hours to have an initial conversation.

All locations in NSW currently available!


The PropertyGuys Real Estate business opportunity video

March 14, 2017

A walk through of the Property Guys Real Estate sale process.

February 2, 2017

The Property Guys Real Estate franchisee conferences.

February 2, 2017