• Investment Level
    $200,000 - $400,000
  • Capital Required
  • Number of Units
  • Industry
    Fast Food , Food, Restaurant , Retail, Cafe Business, Master Franchises
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Pasta Restaurants for Sale Near You

Quick, Convenient and TASTY Freshly Made Pasta and Sauces.

Fresh hand made tasty pasta that sells itself!  The loyal customers of our twenty established cafes and restaurants love our freshly hand made pasta and exceptional sauces.  

The cup concept has taken what was once a dinner meal, into the lunchtime market and it's thriving.

We fully train our Pastacup Restauranteurs and Cafe owners how to make the pasta daily, and each type of sauce that our customers love.  Every Pastacup store will have the same pasta and the same sauce so that our customers can rely on our brand to serve them the same tasty fresh pasta where ever they may be.  Consistency is key to a successful franchise store and brand.  We take this very seriously so that all of our franchisees have absolutely every possibility of huge success.

Our customers love to watch the fresh pasta in the making, right in front of their eyes, and then selecting their favourite sauce to compliment it.  The service is fast and the quality and freshness of the pasta and sauces are highly sought after.

They feel like they are 'in the kitchen' and experiencing the food preparation with our in-store pasta making, and then are really keen to try it.  Once they have it once, they are a Pastacup customer for life!  It sells itself.

Training and Support:

You receive a proven 'hands-on' method of training for 200 hours pre store opening.  The Pastacup franchise training program covers all areas of the business from food preparation, through to the management of inventory and staffing operations.

There is co-operative marketing where head office are always keen to help with promotional ideas and communications to boost your sales.  Pastacup head office encourage the use of their time and knowledge in the preparation of marketing activities.  They also actively assist with local area facebook advertising.

The current franchisees are a testament to the success of the Pastacup system.  They prove that anyone can learn the system and grow their business to be more than the one successful store.  Our franchisees have come from local Pizza jobs through to the mining industry, truck driving, and retail and administration backgrounds.  If you have the motivation and open mindedness to learn and embrace the Pastacup system, we are here to help you make it happen.  Ask any of our franchisees from inner city Perth to regional NSW!

Our latest franchisees have come from existing employees in a Pastacup store, and friends of existing franchisees.  The word is spreading fast.

*A Pastacup franchise finance offer is available on application.

Prices vary depending on the location and franchise takeaway cafe or eat-in restaurant selection.

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State Master Level Opportunities are also Available Now

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Pastacup cafe for sale

March 27, 2017