• Investment Level
    $10,001 - $200,000
  • Number of Units
  • Industry
    Retail, Distributor Opportunities, Vehicle Services

Motorcycle Distributor Opportunities In Australia

AJP PR7 Adventure Bike

The Best Adventure Bike in Australia

AJP Range:  PR3, PR4, PR5, & PR7.  Built for on and off road adventures.

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GBT Imports is a family owned business who are passionate about bringing international quality motorbikes to Australian riders.  

How It Works - No Dealer Charge

We are offering a dealer agreement with approved and licenced motorcycle dealers to stock the above AJP brand of motorcycles.  The cost to start up is the cost of stock on your floor.

Each model has its own unique attributes and all have their place in the Australian motorcycling market.

About AJP:

AJP produce trail and adventure motorbikes that are manufactured in Portugal.  These bikes have been introduced into the Australian market place in 2015, and have dealership opportunities in regional and metropolitan areas.  


  • Light easy handling
  • Air cooled and oil cooled models
  • European quality
  • 30 years of AJP riding experience overseas
  • Affordable pricing levels
  • 4 bike sizes - with more coming
  • ADR compliance, LAMS approved
  • Warranty

As the word spreads your business will grow with increased bike and parts sales and repairs.

If you are in the motorcycle industry and are keen to be on the cutting edge of the industry, to draw in the crowds with a unique motorcycle range, enquire on the right to find out more➣