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    $50,001 - $100,000
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    Home Improvement, Building and Construction, Home Based Business Opportunities, Home Improvement, Mobile Services, Real Estate and Property

Concrete Truck Business For Sale

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It’s a positive sign for any business when your customers become your franchisees. 

When you’re trapped in an office or a hands on person and like to work outdoors, there is a more enjoyable way to spend your day…  Are you ready for a business that delivers the work to you, that you can call your own?

Want to be in a business where you don’t need to worry about employees?

Have you considered working from home as a mobile service provider?

Concrete is everywhere, being the second most used product (after water) in the world – floors, walls, buildings, highways, footpaths, sign and fence post footings, the list keeps going.

We are concrete specialists that have delivering small batches of concrete down to a fine art!  There is room for you to grow a business with us too if your motivated and keen to learn.  Let’s see what’s on offer…

Concrete Taxi franchise for sale

How This Works

Step 1: Getting customers.

All job details are sent to you to complete.

We have 3,400+ enquiries per month from customers and the experienced head office team book in the work and handle the complete package for you. Work is dispatched via an in-vehicle GPS tracking and messaging system straight to you.  One visit and the job is done.  We are the only one in the industry that works on a set price for our services. The price is not negotiable. Our system is simple and transparent for the franchisee and the customer.

Step 2: Preparing for the customer.

Your purpose built truck is fully fitted out to carry enough product for the majority of jobs, and the local landscape yard will ensure very little downtime between customers. 

Step 3: Taking payment.

Once the job is completed, you take payment into your account, directly from the customer onsite.

Step 4: Next job… and the process starts again, head back to Step 1.

Our concrete truck business opportunity is designed to bridge the gap between premixed bags and the standard supply from an agitator with minimal effort and an environmentally friendly design (virtually no wash out), Concrete Taxi has been well proven over the last 17 years.


We assume you have no experience in the industry, and you receive complete training and support for you to become a competent operator. 

You earn as you learn. We know that you have costs, even when you’re training, so the income you generate while you’re learning is yours!

Get in touch on the right to find out more about having your own business in your area ►►►


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