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Concrete is everywhere, being the second most used product (after water) in the world – floors, walls, buildings,  highways, footpaths, sign and fence post footings, the list keeps going.

Our concrete truck business opportunity is designed to bridge the gap between premixed bags and the standard supply from an agitator with minimal effort and an environmentally friendly design (virtually no wash out), Concrete Taxi has been well proven over the last 17 years.

The trend for the major operators (Hanson, Holcim, Boral, etc) towards larger trucks and the need to still service those smaller jobs, less than 2 cubic metres, means the market continues to grow. Service to the small jobs market has always been worked in around the larger jobs, now there is a specifically targeted service provider – Concrete Taxi.

Out of hours or difficult access sites are generally well covered by Concrete Taxi.
A supply time of .8cu.m per hour allows transport of concrete on difficult access sites and because it is mixed on site there is less pressure to discharge the concrete.

The ability to vary slump and strength on site has been readily appreciated by the numerous commercial, government and private clients serviced by Concrete Taxi over the past ten years.


Based on a design by an engineer frustrated over the inability to access concrete out of hours, the Concrete Taxi system was first set up in Perth, WA. The system was gradually formalised and refined, with transition to the market in 2004 via the use of Franchisor units to determine the real issues to be faced in commercial operation.

The booking system is based around a Call Centre using a 1300 number, with despatch of work via an in vehicle GPS tracking and messaging system. Mobile eftpos machines are used by all Franchisees, making this as close to a “cash and carry” business as possible, with very few account customers, although many regular users.

The Brisbane market was entered in 2006, with expansion again largely through the use of Franchisor vehicles, some of which are now available on a vendor financing package.

The business model for Concrete Taxi was always as an owner operated Franchise unit, there are currently seven Franchisees in Brisbane, with five in Perth. The expansion to regional centres in Queensland and Western Australia has commenced, with the Townsville Franchise commencing operations in October 2012.

Master Franchises are also sought for NSW , Victoria and South Australia to promote the vehicle and expand the chain based on the experience and consistent performance of the group even in the current construction climate.


How do you make money?

Bookings are lodged through the Call Centre, with allocation of work dependent upon size, location, timing and Franchisee availability, for both day and night work.  The typical job sizing is for less than $300 concrete, with a transaction normally being completed on site using a mobile eftpos machine to deposit funds direct to the Franchisees account.

Resupply is from designated Landscape Yards who carry a suitable blend, eliminating as much down time travel as possible and also limiting the cost of inventory – usually less than $1000 at any given time.
Additional items such as rapid setting agent, plasticiser, fibre mesh reinforcing are all good margin add ons which take up very little space in the vehicle.

Monthly billing by the Franchisor for a 6% Franchise fee is based on the Franchisees weekly sales returns, together with a contribution to the Franchise Marketing Fund of 4% of gross sales.

Due to the nature of the business, i.e being highly mobile, Concrete Taxi does not sell Territories other than in Regional locations. Travel is tracked via the GPS system in an attempt to minimise downtown and maximise the number of jobs in a given day.

The role is a hands on outdoor role engaging with clients to satisfy their concrete needs – Concrete Taxi sells on Service, not Price. Most Franchisees operate from home, with the truck carrying the bulk of their operating requirements.

Previous experience in construction, while handy, is not necessary as we assume before you commence your 2 week training program that you have no real product knowledge and work from there.

The flexibility of an operator to adjust through a day as job sizes shrink (or grow) and particular site issues are confronted is key to being a successful Franchisee.

Involvement with basic Local marketing is required, promotional items are supplied
on a regular basis. An MR license is required.

Enquire to find out more about a franchise in your area.





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