Roy Ridge from Safe Power Test & Tag

Date: MAY 2nd, 2013

Topic: Franchisor Reviews

Whats the story behind SafePower Test & Tag Systems?

The history of our company dates back to 2006 when the founder became attracted to the test and tag industry through a conversation with a business associate. Investigations into the industry over the next twelve months discovered that there was a market out there that had potential for further growth. 

Further investigations also revealed the lack of professional test & tag technicians that had been fully trained in all aspects of testing and tagging within the industry. This was a major reason for the development of SafePower Test & Tag Systems and our franchise program. 

This true residual income potential for SafePower test and tag technicians was the discovery that really motivated the founder to spend the next 3 years compiling and creating what we believe to be the best test and tag franchise business in the industry. The aim of the founder was to design a turn key business that offers a unique training program for franchisees with continual day to day support. 

We also believe that we offer an unmatched professional approach to our customer service program and the way we do business. We won’t compromise on service, and our franchisees are trained to be the most professional test and tag technicians in the marketplace. 


What made you decide to franchise?

After looking at a few different franchises I began to realize that their was a lot of areas where they fell short, eg helping franchisees to market and promote their businesses, training on how to advertise and promote more effectively etc. One of the key factors in starting my own franchise was I found that a lot of franchise management that are out their promoting franchises don’t understand what a franchisee goes through from the initial start of their business, where I started testing and tagging from the ground floor and understood the pitfalls and frustrations and then implemented strategies into the franchise to overcome any of those issues. 

The SafePower Test & Tag market potential?

We believe that the first stage of success in any business is to have a product package that is marketable, is in high demand and a product that offers repeat business. 

Making Money Just Got Much Easier… 

The SafePower test and tag system offers all of this. Statistic have shown that the business potential and demand in the current market place is at an all time high and this is largely due to business owners, government departments, educational institutes such as public and private schools, universities, hospitals etc now taking a more proactive approach to safety in the workplace. 

In conjunction with this new laws governing safety in the workplace have become more stringent as outlined in the Commonwealth Governments release of the Work Health and Safety Regulations Act which was released in January 2012. 

The list of potential clients are endless, hence the reason why more and more people are now beginning to look at this home based business as more than just a small opportunity. At present their are in excess of 1.1 million small to medium size businesses alone that require testing and tagging, not including in excess of 350 different types of federal Government departments and state and local governments. 

The market potential in this industry is exponential with continual growth constantly occurring as more businesses new schools, universities hospitals etc continue to open around Australia 

What have some of the challenges been in growing your franchise?

 Starting from the ground floor and understanding how a franchise works, and how to develop a system that benefits both parties was a challenge at the start. This is why we took nearly 3 years to get it right before we launched. As we move forward we will always be looking for ways to adjust the system so as to make it as easy as possible for people to become part of a franchise business that is focusing on the franchisees success. 

Who has been your greatest inspiration and why?

Throughout my life I have had many people who I believe have inspired me, from family members to business associates to people who I have met. I would have to say the most inspirational person in my life is my lovely wife Sandi. Every day she inspires me and keeps me grounded. 

What are some of the advantages in being a SafePower Test & Tag Franchisee?

I believe that the growth and success of this franchise can only happen if the franchisees are enthusiastic and excited about building a profitable business. As we move forward we are discovering that the test & tag industry has continued to grow through the awareness of various government departments throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

A SafePower franchise also offers low start up costs with a highly developed system for open minded enthusiastic people who are looking for a chance to breakaway from their current situation and develop a successful business working from home. 

Electrical testing and tagging has become the hot new business opportunity to be a part of. The benefits of this type of business out weight most other types of franchise businesses because: 

  • Once you generate a client you have created an on-going income and not just a one off sale. 
  • Every 3, 6 or 12 months most of the clients will require re-testing of their equipment. 
  • Unlike most other business the start up costs are minimal. 
  • There are virtually no overheads unlike traditional businesses. 

What gadgets can’t you live without? 

Well, if you took away my computer and mobile phone I would probably still be able to operate slowly, but if you took away the test & tag equipment we use then that would be it, no more business. 

What do you do in your spare time? 

I just love to fish and relax I really enjoy that, or love being in our 2 acre garden just building things or planting trees and flowers. Most importantly I love spending time with all of my family as much as possible. 


What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a franchise?

All I can say is do your homework, the cheapest franchise may not always be the best, make sure you get legal and accounting advice before committing to anything, most importantly don’t sign anything if you have doubts and ask lots of questions. 

What’s one important lesson you have learnt from being in business?

Always monitor everything you do each day. 


Where do you see SafePower Test & Tag Systems in 10 years?

Our goal is to be the best in our field, and to be able to develop a large organization of professional technicians. 


In Your opinion why do you think that SafePower Test & Tag Systems would be a great opportunity for someone? 

I always believe that this opportunity has loads of potential for anyone to be a part of. As a franchisor our first priority is the success of the SafePower franchisee. We are focused on giving them the ongoing support and training required to build a successful business. Our aim is to continually help franchisees, we believe in a business partnership arrangement where both parties are striving for the same goal.