Lindsay Birley, CEO of InXpress


Date: MAY 31st, 2013

Topic: Franchisor Reviews


Biography – Lindsay Birley

Lindsay was raised in a farming community in the south of New Zealand, and has enjoyed rugby from as long as his memory allows.

He left school to study mechanical engineering for 5 years while playing competitive rugby up till the age of 21. Feeling the urge to escape the isolation of the south of NZ, Lindsay traveled to Europe on a 2 year working holiday (that was in 1983 and he’s still finding his way home)

It was on a boat cruise between Italy and Greece in the summer of 1984, Lindsay met New Zealand’s greatest export, Karen, and they have been together ever since. With the need to replenish the bank account, Lindsay secured work with an international courier company in London, and soon relocated to a management role in South Africa where 2 South African Kiwi kids joined the scene.

Lindsay accepted the challenge to lead and develop customer management programs in Australia and New Zealand and received global recognition when the Sydney call center was awarded runner up to the “Worlds Best Call Center” in 1993.

Lindsay then held a number of Country Management positions in Asia including Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and regional roles in Singapore and Fort Lauderdale before relocating back to Australia in 2012 as the Franchisor for InXpress.

Lindsay has published 2 books on the insights to successful branding featuring a number of the world’s super brands in addition to a book highlighting the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand in 2011.

Lindsay and Karen have awesome children, a son owning an InXpress franchise in Sydney and a daughter in the beautician business also in Sydney.


What's the story behind InXpress?

InXpress was launched in America in 2006. Since those early beginnings we are now represented in over 12 countries globally and we are now very proud to have approximately 180 franchisees across the InXpress global footprint.

InXpress is a global express freight company who is revolutionizing the freight courier business across Australia. The business model is simple. We secure air express services at large discounts based on large international and national shipping volumes and resell to Australian businesses, leveraging this bargaining power.


What made you decide to franchise?

This business model has operated in the United States but purely on a domestic level, InXpress grasped the opportunity to develop this into an international business plan, with Australia being one of its founding countries.


Tell us a little about the InXpress market?

The InXpress market is vast! Virtually anyone or any organization who sends air express consignments to the suburb next door, or across the world can benefit from the huge buying power of InXpress.


What are some of the challenges in growing your franchise?

Recently we overhauled our technology solutions in order to remain at the leading edge of electronic transportation solutions. Despite the challenges in updating our IT programs, feedback from franchisees and customers alike has been overwhelmingly positive. Since launching Webship the latest challenge is keeping up with new franchisee enquiries.


Who has been your greatest inspiration and why?

Greg Norman but does there have to be only one???


What are some of the advantages in being a InXpress franchisee?

All the advantages of being your own boss with unlimited earning potential and leveraging a proven and successful business model - just to name a few.


What "Gadgets" (Laptop, IPhone, Tablet, etc) can't you live without?

My Banchi road bike, Samsung Galaxy, Silver Spoon Cookbook (the Bible of Italian Cooking), and Karen my Wife!


What do you do in your spare time?

I don't have much spare time but at 5am you will usually find me on my Banchi riding the streets of Brisbane, otherwise hitting the occasional golf ball, or following the All Blacks.


What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a Franchise?

You probably want to run any franchise opportunity through the 9 point checklist (eg. Low Entry Cost/Low Risk, No Inventory or Stock, Provides Residual Income, High Income Potential, No or Few Employees etc). If the franchise you are considering doesn't tick most of these off then call InXpress!!! Concentrating on core business activities is paramount, while outsourcing activities such as billing and collections to centralize services as we do at InXpress.


What’s one important lesson you have learnt from being in Business?

Do something you enjoy so it doesn't appear to be work, and I will be cheeky enough to add a second. Take action and execute that great idea now!


Where do you see InXpress in 10 years time?

A globally recognized international franchise. A strong presence in Australia with awards from the FCA acknowledging InXpress as a leading franchisor, with an equally prestigious award from its franchisees as a contributing business partner.


In your opinion, why do you think that InXpress would be a great opportunity for someone?

The InXpress industry is on the right side of the shift supporting global trade and e-com purchasing, while leveraging partners such as DHL, recognized as a global super brand in the transportation industry. InXpress has an experienced management team with an outstanding track record, and potential franchisees can leverage this expertise to build equity in their own business.