Steve's Personal Jim's Car Cleaning Franchise Experience

Date: OCT 31st, 2013

Topic: Franchisee Spotlight


Here is a personal account from Steve Degollacion of Jim's Car Cleaning, Parramatta of this great franchise opportunity.

Tell us about the Jim's Car Cleaning concept. 

I believe the concept of Jims Car Cleaning evolved from an over saturation of car wash stations. More and more people had very little time to wash their cars, let alone drive it to a self serve station, or have it washed by someone who doesn't have the trusted reputation of the Jims brand. Jims Car Cleaning continuously strives to satisfy customer demand offering a wide range of professional car cleaning/detailing services without leaving your home or office. 

How and when did you become involved with Jim's Car Cleaning?

After being made redundant and years of hard work going unrecognised. I wanted to take back control of my life and lifestyle. I had enough of talking about it. I decided to take action and start doing it. I signed up in April 2013 and I am absolutely......loving it! 

What was your background prior to joining Jim's Car Cleaning?

My background was predominantly in Sales/Hospitality and Training. 

What are some of the advantages in being a Jim's Car Cleaning franchisee?

The brand equity of Jims and the market share covering over 30 divisions is clearly the winning advantage over lesser known competitors. Solid support network from local Franchisor, other franchisees and dedicated customer service team all coming together to help you succeed is the other advantage of a Jim's Car Cleaning Franchise. 

What do you think makes an ideal franchisee?

Someone who is genuinely enthusiastic about providing a quality service to our customers. You need to also be genuinely excited and passionate about running your own business, it's not easy but you must be open to change and to be open minded and being realistic with your expectations. 

Tell us a little about the Jim's Car Cleaning market?

Commercial/domestic/industrial/health,Jims has continued growth with more customers demanding quality car cleaning and detailing at a fair reasonable price.  

What are some of the greatest lessons you've learned in growing your franchise?

Do your own research. Be open to getting out of your comfort zone no matter how skilled you think you may be. It's all about self development and how you can be better with your customers, family/friends and more importantly yourself.

Do you have a mentor and is there someone you use for inspiration?

I refer to many mentors who all had a common personal trait. They all had emotional intelligence. They talked to people not talked down to people. They had manners. They gave respect irrespective of who you are. They listened. They acknowledge how important you are. My wife Crystal along with our two angels Cryste and Oscar are my inspiration that drive me to be a better person. 

What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a Franchise?

(not in logical order) Do not rush your decision. Be prepared to make sacrifices ie financial (may be a big drop),spend some time with a current Jims franchisee(related to your division). Ask plenty of questions.Make sure you have a business plan. Make sure you have unconditional supportive network ie Spouse/partner (Very Important). 

In your opinion, why do you think that Jim's Car Cleaning would be a great opportunity for someone?

Its a great opportunity because it allows:

  • freedom (allows to be your own boss)
  • flexibility (manage your own time)
  • more choices (how far do you want to grow)
  • self development growth
  • professional and personal fulfillment
  • supportive friendly like minded network working towards your success
  • mobile car cleaning/detailing service highly in demand as society working more hours less time to clean cars.