Paul Wilson from Safe Power Test & Tag


Date: MAY 27th, 2013

Topic: Franchisee Spotlight


Tell us about the Safe Power Test and Tag Systems concept. 

SafePower is at the cutting edge of franchise business systems in Australia. It has adopted all the best bits of testing and tagging, and WHS, and thrown away the worst bits. It was developed when founder Roy Ridge decided he could do things better. This Roy has achieved. We have the best technology and the best systems. Roy listens and supports his franchisees. 

How and when did you become involved with the Safe Power Test and Tag System?

I discovered test and tag by accident. I saw the potential and decided this was for me. I wont go into the finer details, lets’ just say it was destiny and I am so glad I made the switch from a job to a lifestyle. 

What was your background prior to joining the Safe Power Test and Tag System?

I had spent over 20 years working for government in middle management roles, WHS and Emergency Management. I felt stifled by the culture and knew I was worth more. Sure there are benefits to Government, but after two redundancies in 20 years, its time to take control of my own destiny. Its just a job, anyone can have a job, but not everyone can combine lifestyle with work.  


What are some of the advantages in being a Safe Power Test and Tag System franchisee?

Without doubt is the flexibility of working hours. When you have a small child and ill parents this makes the difference. Its also the professional attitude and culture within Safe Power. 

What do you think makes an ideal franchisee?

Being committed to moving left field of everyone else, dedicate yourself to the brand, have a desire to succeed, don’t stop learning, never taking your customers for granted, and working your territory. Get out there and listen to your customers, support them on the WHS journey. 

Tell us a little about the Safe Power Test and Tag Market?

The test and tag market is huge. There is very little if any professional operators. Compare the test and taggers to electricians in the phone book, and there is 10 times the number of electricians. Many electricians do test and tag and they would rather not. We are the WHS experts. We refer to the standard and the Act, we know the penalties for non compliance, and we are here to support our customers WHS needs. 


What are some of the greatest lessons you've learned in growing your franchise?

There are plenty of pretenders out there, but not a lot of substance. This franchise acknowledges its customers and takes care of them There’s plenty of set up work required, but the rewards are there if you want them.

Do you have a mentor and is there someone you use for inspiration?

Roy Ridge, Roy Ridge and not forgetting Roy Ridge. He has created something truly special for his franchisees and he gives so much of his time to help us to grow our businesses. I am so glad I am with Roy and Safe Power Test & Tag Systems. 

What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a Franchise?

Do your homework and look at the competition, but still choose Safe Power. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it usually is, and that is a fair synopsis of the competition. There’s no free ride. You can’t do things professionally for a couple of thousand dollars. It requires an investment. Well what is your future worth I say? Mine is worth more than $7000. 


In your opinion, why do you think that the Safe Power Test and Tag System would be a great opportunity for someone?

It’s the potential for growth and the personal touch Roy provides. Its his advice. Its his enthusiasm. Its his baby remember, and he protects his brand. Only the best will do. So, if you are successful, you know you are better than average, as Roy, unlike others has a very high standard you need to meet before you are accepted. We wear our uniform with pride and conviction. We have standards and we are WHS professionals. You could have buckets of money, but if you don’t make the grade, you won't be a Safe Power franchisee.