Jason Hand and David Beggs' Positive InXpress Experience

Author: heather@franchiseexpo.com.au

Date: MAY 27th, 2013

Topic: Franchisee Spotlight


Tell us about the InXpress concept. 

Jason: InXpress is an IT based “freight management” company that is able to offer customers pricing discounts with multiple transport carriers.

We provide unique shipping solutions and savings with domestic and international freight options.

David: Our world-class carriers provide the freight services, while InXpress provides the extra mile customer service and invoicing all through our online “freight management system” - WebShip.  


How and when did you become involved with InXpress?

Dave: Jason and I had investigated many different business ventures, but when we discovered the InXpress business model we both realized this could be an exciting business opportunity.

Jason: We started with InXpress on 4th May 2009 (Star Wars Day, May the 4th be with you). We always make sure we have a birthday bash with the staff every year.  


What was your background prior to joining InXpress?

Jason: I first started my “international freight” career with UPS and then had multiple sales and management roles within the industry over time. Dave and I met when we both worked for the same freight forwarding company in Brisbane. When we were looking at business opportunities, InXpress looked like a great fit. Our strength was Sales and Customer Service, not back end accounts. With the InXpress franchisee support center doing the billing and debt collection functions, this allowed us to focus on our strengths.

David: Prior to InXpress I owned a café (The Last Drop Café) and a corporate catering company in Toronto Canada. One of my many roles for my catering company was sales and how my company could be a one stop shop for all my clients catering needs. This concept of a one stop shop follows the business model of InXpress, so the transition was quite simple.  


What are some of the advantages in being a InXpress franchisee?

Jason: As a cost it is a low risk, entry level Franchise opportunity. We started in my home and it grew from there. It gave us the ability to grow our business organically and allowed this growth to dictate the staffing levels and other overheads...

David: The strong flow on benefits is true Residual Income, being part of a strong global network, and ultimately a saleable business. 


What do you think makes an ideal franchisee?

Jason: For someone with a background in Sales or freight it would be a perfect opportunity. However, recently some of the newer franchisee’s coming on have had neither experiences but are killing it. It all comes down to attitude and hunger…

David: I agree, it all comes down to the mindset of the new franchisee, it can be a steep learning curve when you first start up, but you do have support locally and globally from the master franchise and other franchisee’s around the world.  


Tell us a little about the InXpress Market?

Jason: InXpress works on the model of saving our customers time, money and hassle. We certainly target SME’s to reduce their freight costs, however we keep our larger customers on the “time and hassle” aspect.

David: The InXpress model reduces the need for our customers to have logistics departments with multiple staff. We provide them one website with multiple transport carriers, with one invoice, and we are just a phone call away when things go wrong.  


What are some of the greatest lessons you've learned in growing your franchise?

Jason: Our customers are our business partners, they are the best assets we have. They provide us sales leads, give us real time feedback on our products and services and trust us to help them solve their logistics issues...

Dave: One very important lesson we strongly believe in is our relationship between InXpress and our carrier partners and the need to keep this relationship moving forward in a positive and progressive way. As freight solutions specialists its imperative that we stay in close dialog with our carrier partners when it comes to the constant growth of our customer’s needs.  


Do you have a mentor and is there someone you use for inspiration?

Jason: When we first started it was amazing how some of our customers became mentors for us. They really took us under their wing and helped us with their experiences in business. They really wanted us to succeed. We still have these same customers today. Being part of a global business also helps us keep our competitive nature going.

David: We are constantly checking our growth rates against the franchisee’s both here in Australia and globally. We actually have a running bet with InXpress Houston on 2013 business growth.   


What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a Franchise?

Jason: You have to love sales, customer interaction and thrive on a challenge. Transport is not a perfect industry and things do go wrong. It’s how you handle these service failures that can separate your business from everybody else, turning that negative into a positive. 


In your opinion, why do you think that InXpress would be a great opportunity for someone?

Jason: It has worked for us. We know the product has a proven record here and around the globe. With consumers turning to the internet to make purchases our industry will only continue to grow, and we want to be part of this “brave new world”.