Hands On Venue Smart licensee

Date: FEB 8th, 2016

Topic: Franchisee Spotlight

Scott Simpson is a long term Northern Territorian. 25 years in the tropics with a range of experiences from what he quotes “I have never had a job I didn`t like”. From a Yard worker at a remote lodge in the late 80s to Managing a resort on the coast with 35 employees 2010-2014. In between he ran live firing shoots for the defence, to then a Fire captain of an entire NT region. And running a tough out back pub, to working for a very reputable Lion Nathan beverages rounds off a great work life in the NT. Now he is building the NT's largest bottle shop for a developer and just to top it all off, I’ve just fallen love with Venue Smart and what we can and will achieve.

Various committee and board positions round out a reasonably balanced lad. At Vice president of Tourism Top End Board of directors there is much to learn about this great country we have and AFANT (Amateur Fishing Association of the NT) committee member keeps you in the loop with recreational fishing and a say in protecting the much loved pastime in the NT. Last but not least a committee on the Darwin Game Fishing Club allows for time and effort to be a part of one of Australia’s best family clubs with Australia’s best known competitions built over many years of experience. Need I say the NT is my home. And more precious than anything is my wife Summa and our 4 outstanding children (3 Girls and a Lad). 

1. Tell us about the Venue Smart concept.  

Venue Smart is a core range of products and services that provide maximum value to venues such as cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, convenience stores and more. We are about quality products backed with reliable consistence and local service. Our mission is to maintain a high level of integrity to ensure we deliver hand in hand with many businesses across the nation, a great experience and all round 3 way win for the customer, supplier and Venue Smart personel.  

2. How and when did you become involved with Venue Smart?  

In June 2015 I was browsing a franchise site searching for inspirational ideas. The breathalyzer opportunity hit me immediately with a statement I made – I can get 20 of these units in overnight. I started to research my bold statement immediately to find I was almost right. The breathalysers have been the platform to launch into the other products and services.

3. What was your background prior to joining Venue Smart? 

Sales and Marketing with Lion Nathan would be the key experience that has accelerated my success to date. Running a Large NT Tavern and a Beach side fishing resort has absolutely added the required business sense and people management skills. What`s really important is understanding the people we talk to every day and listening to their needs.

4. What are some of the advantages in being a Venue Smart licensee? 

Access to the amazing range of products and services through the ability of our founder. The support, training and flexibility allows you to run your race as hard as you want to. Simply we are surrounded by likeminded people excited and empowered by leaders all round the country.

5. What do you think makes an ideal licensee?  

A personality that reminds themselves there are no limits. One who continually improves and becomes a sponge for the knowledge and opportunity that lies in front of them.

6. Tell us a little about the Venue Smart Market? 

It is very broad. The range of products and services really do expand well beyond your initial thoughts. This allows for people to have various back grounds and experiences and still fit the mould. We all enter with particular strengths and sharing these strengths is one of our group strengths.

7. What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned in growing your Distributorship? 

Be well informed and equipped with the right tools before going to market. Be a good listener. Understand the needs of the customer. Focus on the positive.

8. Do you have a mentor and is there someone you use for inspiration? 

Due to the various personalities from the founder Frank Vorster to master distributor leadership qualities such as Chris Adam I find the group inspiring in different ways that collectively give you the strength and ability to make great decisions. Backed with a close and dear friend Paula Wilkinson who simply challenges my wild thoughts and has an amazing ability to direct ones thoughts to a Mission of continual and never ending improvement.

9. What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a Distributorship? 

Explore the options and I mean every option as you will be surprised at how you fit right in. Ask smart questions and show initiative in every opportunity. Finally seek to understand before being understood.

10. In your opinion, why do you think that Venue Smart would be a great opportunity for someone? 

A self-managed role that has a, very real, high earning potential to set you and your family up for the future. You have the opportunity to make a difference to someone’s business so you’re not only working hard to position your own financial situation at the same time you’re helping others and this is very very rewarding. 

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