• Investment Level
    $1,000,000 -
  • Capital Required
  • Industry
    Business Services , Cafe Business, Other Interesting Franchises, Professional Services, Real Estate and Property, Retail

CoWorking Space Business Opportunity

Are you looking for endless income from realestate with services attached?

The days of working in a cramped cubicle are over for many people in today’s mobile work world. This has led to a rise in demand for coworking spaces, that allow for environments that are collaborative, inspiring and stimulating.

Venture X members buy private memberships giving them access to open areas or private offices.  We specialise in providing attractive and functional workplaces.

We earn income from members:

  • using open mixed work spaces,
  • working in higher revenue private offices,
  • hiring board rooms and meeting rooms,
  • hosting events in our spaces,
  • using business services i.e. reception services,
  • using our in-house cafe,
  • attending weekly social and educational events.

Technology and innovation through mobile devices, cloud computing and social networking allow people the freedom to work from anywhere at any time.

With the rise of home based businesses, and technology such as cloud computing, more and more people are now working at home, or are looking for somewhere nearby without the travel.  We have the perfect solution for freelancers, start-ups and other self-employed individuals that need a quiet place to work without the distractions that come with working from home.  They also still have the co-worker companionship and inspiration that they lose when they are not in an active office space with others.

Why Choose Venture X?

The way people work is changing, so now is the time to break into this innovative industry.  We enter the market between business and community and engage people regardless of their age or income.  We create organic opportunities for our members to meet a diverse network of skilled business people to learn from and socialise with.  It offers them the companionship and intellectual stimulus that can be missing when working from home.

About US:

Real estate investor and entrepreneur David Diamond, with his son Brett, founded Venture X in 2012 in Naples, Florida.  They saw the increased success of startup businesses when using shared work spaces, and wanted to support them in their success.  It created the social experience that the young entrepreneurs were seeking.

With the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimating 65 million Americans will be temps, freelancers, independant contractors or entrepreneurs by 2020, making up 40% of the workforce, Venture X is ready to meet the increasing demand.

Venture X is here in Australia and is a unique real estate business model with perks.  

The revenue streams are flexible and can be increased as your list of services meet the needs of your members.  

Wondering what the income potential is?

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