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Be A Part Of An Industry Where You Don’t Have Massive Weekly Overheads,
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Using State Of The Art Equipment
To Test & Tag Electrical Tools and Appliances
What Is Testing & Tagging?

Under the latest federal safety act, employers now have a duty of care to implement procedures for the safety inspection and testing of low voltage single phase and poly phase, ( eg 240V and 415V ) electrical equipment. To discharge an employers duty of care they are required to take the necessary action needed to reduce the risk of any persons in the workplace receiving electrical shock from faulty equipment. To achieve this, their tools, and portable equipment, leads or appliances, should be tested and then tagged on a regular basis.

The Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZ 3760 specifies the minimum testing and inspection intervals for electrical equipment can range from 3, 6 or 12 months up to 5 years.

The types of appliances that require testing include:

Computers,  monitors, printers, photocopiers, fax machines, staff kitchen & tea room appliances, electric power tools, extension cords, power boards, all double insulated appliances, audio/visual apparatus, residual current devices (RCD's), portable air-conditioners, white goods etc.  In fact any piece of equipment that requires power from a mains source through a power cord with a plug should be tested.  This includes standard 240V and three phase electrical equipment.

Along with the inspection and testing of electrical equipment we also offer testing and maintenance of fire exit lights, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, microwave radiation leakage testing services, and so much more.  Check out our website for the complete range of services we now offer. 
We are more than just a test and tag company we have now become a one stop mobile safety shop.    

Why Safety Testing of Portable Electrical Tools, Appliances and Fire Equipment Is Fast Becoming The Number 1 Hot Business To Build From Home:

A SafePower Test and Tag franchise offers low start up costs with a highly developed system for open minded enthusiastic people who are looking for a chance to breakaway from their current situation and develop a successful business working from home. 

Electrical testing and tagging has become the hot new business opportunity to be a part of. The benefits of this type of business out weigh most other types of franchise businesses because: 

Once you generate a client you have created an on-going income and not just a one off sale. 

Every 3, 6 or 12 months most of the clients will require re-testing of their equipment. 

Twice a year clients will need to have their fire equipment checked and serviced. 

Unlike most other businesses, the start up costs are minimal


there are virtually no overheads unlike traditional businesses. 

We believe that the first stage of success in any business is to have a product package that is marketable, is in high demand and a product that offers repeat business. 

Making Money Just Got Much Easier… 

 At SafePower we provide you with a turnkey business that is not going to cost you $100k plus. Our package has been designed so that a franchisee has every piece of equipment needed to start a business from day one. There are no hidden costs or surprises along the way.

At just $39,000 plus GST our package: 

• Includes equipment, tools, uniforms, stationary, training and stock. 

• Includes all of the initial marketing strategies outlined above. 

• Includes all training courses and manuals.

• Includes initial franchise fee.

• Includes a certificate 11 in fire protection inspection and testing. 

Statistics have shown that the business potential and demand in the current market place is at an all time high and this is largely due to business owners, government departments, educational institutes such as public and private schools, universities, hospitals etc now taking a more proactive approach to safety in the workplace.

The list of potential clients are endless, hence the reason why more and more people are now beginning to look at this home based business as more than just a small opportunity. 

The SafePower Safety Systems Franchise Philosophy:

The SafePower franchise system has been uniquely designed.  Our philosophy is to make sure that you as a franchisee feel secure in knowing that you are purchasing a business that offers a large range of services that will allow you the opportunity to generate multiple income streams.  

Franchising has continued to grow in Australia due to the popularity of people wanting to own there own businesses. The advantage of being a part of this franchise is that you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. 

As a franchisor our first priority is the success of you the SafePower franchisee. We are focused on giving you the ongoing support and training required to build a successful business. Our aim is to continually help you, we believe in a business partnership arrangement where both parties are striving for the same goal. 

We are looking for like minded people who are focused on building a successful home based business. You should be a person that enjoys being part of a motivated franchise group.

The Training System That Delivers The Best Safety Technicians

We believe that the only way to be successful is to have franchisees that are fully trained in all facets of testing and tagging and fire equipment servicing. We will extensively train you with our intensive training course where you will become a professional SafePower Technician upon completion.       

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