Five High Vending

Five High Vending

  • Investment Level
    $25,001 - $100,000
  • Number of Units
  • Industry
    Vending Machines For Sale, Australian Franchises, Fast Food , Food, Other Interesting Franchises, Home Based Business Opportunities, Part Time, Distributor Opportunities

Vending machines for sale
Vending Machines For Sale - Hot or Cold

What Is It?

Five High Vending Systems supplies a convenient source of well recognised snacks and drinks to businesses, schools, colleges, factories, warehouses, gyms, hospitals, hotels and resorts. The options are endless. There are currently 650 Five High Vending business owners across Australia.

Full Flexiblity - The owner of the business can work either full or part-time. They stock, clean, and maintain a fleet of vending machines in a designated area. The average operator has 6 to 7 machines which would take them one day a week to maintain and service.

These Vending Machines for sale can offer everything from Hot and Cold Drinks and Snack Foods, Meals, Gluten free snacks, Protein Products, and much, much more. They accept credit cards, notes and have back to base monitoring available for the machines.

*You Can Determine The Size Of Your Business*


Five High Vending offer different sized business packages to suit your needs and lifestyle. As you have complete ownership of the business you can:

  • control how many machines you manage
  • decide what products you sell
  • what prices to charge
  • what times you work
  • be your own boss!

With Five High Vending Systems You Get:

  • No Franchise Fees or Royalties
  • Full training
  • Marketing support
  • 24/7 Total lifetime support
  • Information including sales data showing most popular products
PLUS direct access to the Five High Buying Network.

You will experience the benefits of our wholesaler partnerships with our suppliers which include:

  • Smiths
  • Coke
  • Nestle
  • Cadbury
  • Schweppes
  • and many more ...
These partnerships offer substantial savings for all Five High Vending operators.


Skills Required:

This business is so simple and with all training provided you do not need any technical or specific skill set. If you have a great work ethic, some people skills, and the drive for success then this vending machines business for sale is perfect for you.

The Training Stages Are:

  1. Initial training that includes best selling products, suppliers, storage, transportation, expiry date management plus more.
  2. Back to base walk through and training
  3. On the job installation training
  4. Weekly direct support for the first 8 weeks

Marketing Support:

All business owners are able to access promotional materials, and can run specials and set machines to special "winner mode" to increase sales at all locations.

If you are looking to expand your business in the future then we have this covered. Our own Five High Vending website draws in enquiries for our stylish Italian Vending Machines. We can then offer you these opportunities to increase your vending machine numbers and product turnover in your area. We help you to grow your business!

We have a lot more information to offer.

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Five High Vending Machines For Sale Video

October 6, 2015