• Investment Level
    $100,001 - $400,000
  • Capital Required
    $150,000 -
  • Number of Units
  • Industry
    Retail, Fast Food , Restaurant , Cafe Business, Food
  • Franchising Since


INTRODUCING - The Best Coffee Cafe Franchise For Sale in Australia

3 OPTIONS:  1. KIOSK (bar)
  2. IN LINE (full kitchen)

Want to have your very own Coffee Shop, or rebrand an existing Cafe?

Fibonacci Coffee have franchises for sale across Australia, and have a system that is inspiring and successful.  We are so confident in our system - take a look at our facts below.

10 Most Important Facts:

1.  $50,000 Cash Back Guarantee - Available for new shops if you follow the system.  Our estimates are not made in the first six months, then you are entitled to a refund of $50,000.  We are that confident in our system.

2.  Pay As You Go Investment Program - After a minimum of $69,000 deposit, the remainder is able to be spread out into instalment payments.  Again confidence in the production of solid cashflow.

3.  No Royalties, Turnover or Marketing Fees -  Your income is your reward.  You keep it!

4.  Full Training - No experience needed - We will guide you through the process to ensure your business is successful. We train you in all aspects of managing your own coffee cafe.  We are here to make sure you do not make any mistakes and maximise the return on your dollars spent.

5.  Extensive Marketing Program - All marketing strategies and promotions shared are designed to maximise the return on your investment.

6.  Low Entry Point - With other franchise cafes charging in excess of $350,000, we are offering this coffee cafe opportunity from $100,000 investment.  This makes it more achievable, and the return on investment far better.

7.  Volume Discounts - More profits in your pocket from access to our bulk buying group.

8.  The Coffee Consumers Know Our Brand - With strong marketing already paving the way, Fibonacci Coffee is well recognised in the industry.

9.  Ongoing Support - Our team are passionate about our Coffee franchise family and will be on call to help you with any challenges along the way.  Experience and expertise are our asset to share.

10. You Choose Your Store Design -  We have a Kiosk Bar, In Line full kitchen, or Licenced Cafe/Bar franchise model ready to go.  You can redesign an existing cafe, or start a new Coffee Cafe in your local area. The hard work is done, and we can help you in the selection, design and setup of your new Coffee Shop.


We offer growth opportunities within the brand, and then an exit strategy when you need it!

Yes, the complete Coffee Cafe franchise package.

Get in touch to find out more - we can't wait to share our system with you.

Franchises Available Now Across Australia


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